its been too long again
i've seen through the words again
i'm goofy on caffeine

it feels funny - a bit like a bee sting on a numb hand
fluttered and ambiguous like the distant call of a thunderstorm
the sirens and their horns left me on the shore with nothing

that grey wedge collapsing into its monochrome rainbow deceives 
it is the end of winter - the inevitable has begun
when the blood mixes with the salt, its your timeline that is affected
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Kinda Right, Kinda Wrong: The Convolution of Compromise:

Unhearthed/UhEarthed this wrong:

This convolution of life:

Life:  Former Living:  Call It Conception:  Dead since the beginning.

Mistake... only spoken once... only heard once... only once once, only only.

Beginnings... Ends... mistakes... first steps... Babies... ancient Ancient ones...

Babylons... NYs... Forgotten Memories and the Gayety that is my life... wife.

____"Bring it On!"  Bring it one... so many mistakes worth taking... so many so many none.
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    Dubcast #14

Drunken Miss Taken Madness Ness Business

Joker, Bass  cLef, Forerunner.  Optometry.  Onions.  Banana Peels.
Oranges.  Peaches.  Grapes.  Angels.  A(n) Optometri(st). 

Not seen not heard not felt (k)not (k)nown.

One Eye 4 1 i.


lUrks in the heart

of those who savor... flavor... the favor.   For 1.
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    Dubstep On Purple Hearts I won'T


Trapped in my head
Voices that echo
I liken myself to a caterpillar,
trapped in a cocoon, but never allowing myself to break free.

This cocoon is of my own weaving,
each intricate thread woven by my fears and worries.
Fears that grip my so tightly and often threaten my ability to function at all.

One day I want to be able to tear through these seemingly unbreakable threads,
to feel what its like to experience the world,
without feeling the need to wrap myself up tightly in a cocoon all over again.

Or maybe the need to protect myself against the woes of the world is an integrated part of me, that i'll never be able to shift...
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    contemplative contemplative

PhuturePhunk & the Cost of Living

stirring around...
what business to I have to be here?  be heard...

being being because I wish I had a place in the world
world wide so wide you'd mind ass swell call it home.

Home For Beats, Home for beasts....
Ancient Ancient and yet... Ain't Shit Ain't Shit?

Holy Ghosts... holy smokes I've, licked the nemesis too far..
hubris - gone - dry I've, looked at the memory/looking glass too long...

Lost touch with those who
were like my mind games;
Mind Extensions
Mind appendages--more the "mind of madness". mind your mind: I don't mind :-)

It's just too bad that I've... looked too far... seen my own destiny, the death in me
and turned away... refused to take the toll the toll the toll that only cost me 1

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    Amon Tobin & Prefuse 73

(K)Now You Sea?! (&...Fixed)

just going to write as this french newscaster speaks. 
No sleep, not yet, though it hasn't been long...
I just cannot sleep because of more reasons than I can speak. 
Fall... Fall... Fall sleep...
weep, don't weep, try and creep, bleep, seep--don't seep your pants off,

your name goes through your face as the words in your head/hand that even you don't understand...
unless you let it beee.....   just let it flow  like you are trying so hard to do Now.  You See?!   This is it: 
Caught up for the soul you don't have... lost in the nothing you can't grab... cliche, fucking, cliche.

Song of the day

"We are all embers from the same fire" -Embers - Just Jack

All embers are different, all individual, different shapes and sizes, but all formed the same way from the heat of the fire.

Our lifes all vary and the paths different... but they all lead up the same destination, no matter what decisions we make in the end.... all embers must lose their fire at some point, its the one constant or certainty in our short finite lives.
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    Just Jack- Embers